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For simple applications such as a single wall or a back splash Weathered Stone® can be a fun DIY project.

For more complicated applications we highly recommend using a Certified Installer. Weathered Stone® has a network of over 300 certified installers nationwide that have completed an eight hour certification course. The course is separated into the following three sections: theory of layout and design, hands on techniques, and estimating and pricing.

Weathered Stone® comes in the following three standard sizes: 45"X32", 32"X32", and 24"X32". However we can cut to custom sizes in the factory ranging from 4"x4" to 33"X99". It can also be cut down on site with a break away knife.

Weathered Stone® comes in two version; interior and exterior. The interior version has the same durability as commercial grade wall covering with one advantage: Weathered Stone® is repairable.
The exterior grade Weathered Stone® achieves a 4000 lb psi. It is also fire proof and waterproof.

Yes, Weathered Stone® interior is breathable and can be used in high moisture areas such as bathrooms with out using a clear coat sealer.

Weathered Stone® exterior is water proof and can be used on counter tops, shower stalls, and around pool decks. It is recommended for applications that will sometimes be under water to have an additional sealer to make sure the grout is sealed

Yes. For applications using the interior grade material our grout will fill any nail holes or minor damage. Larger damage will require that a panel be replaced and re-grouted. Interior applications use a strippable wall covering adhesive so removal of one piece will not damage your wall

For applications using the Exterior grade material this will probably never happen but if there ever is damage the same method can be used as with the interior material.

This product is approximately 1/32nd of an inch thick with a 1/64th of an inch variance in texture.

This makes the product extremely light weight. The interior grade weighs 2/10's lbs per square foot where the exterior grade weighs 3/10's lbs per square foot.

For interior wall applications we use a heavy duty clear strippable wall covering adhesive.

For exterior grade applications there are two recommended adhesives one is a adhesive based polymer modified mortar or if you need more tack for bending around a tight radius we recommend using an exterior grade carpet adhesive.

These adhesives are available at most home building supply centers and paint supply stores.

Yes, we can develop a match to any color.

We charge a take off fee for a custom color, but on most orders we are able to credit the charge to the order once it is approved.

You can use virtually any non-abrasive cleaner.

Avoid any solvent based cleaners for the interior grade material

Yes, Weathered Stone® interior has a "Class A" fire rating. Click here to see the ASTM ESTM-84 test results

The Exterior product line is completely fire proof and has zero flame spread and smoke development.

Weathered Stone® is sold through Interior Designers, Architects, Home Retailers, and Distributors. In the event there is not a retailer within 50 miles of your location we will sell to end users or try to find a retailer in your area who would like to carry the Weathered Stone®. To set up a wholesale account, download and fax back the completed account application.

The average nationwide completed project cost will range from $6.00 to $16.00 per square foot depending on the size and detail of the project. Click here for a cost analysis that compares Weathered Stone® to many other surfacing options.

Yes! We offer a 20 year limited warranty. Click here to download a copy.

Weathered Stone is a hand maded product that is typically made to order will gladly replace any product that is found to be defective free of charge. Returns for any other reason have a 20% restocking fee.

If you are in the business of specifying products to retail or commercial clients you may set up a wholesale account and order directly. You may also choose to have a certified installer or designer purchase the product, and give you a turn key price for a complete project.

Yes. Please use the "Order a Sample" box to the right to order a sample.

Most orders are shipped within 1-2 weeks from the time of order.

Yes. Contact us for more information about parade or showroom specials

For interior Weathered Stone® the grout is specially formulated to work with the product. There are several standard grout colors that can be ordered.

If you are using the exterior grade product you can use any grout available from a local supplier. We do however recommend using a bonding agent for local sourced grout for additional durability.

Yes. There is a minimum order of five standard size panels for each order, unless it is for a pre-existing project that is in need of extra panels.