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Become a Certified Installer

Contractor Become a Certified Installer

The hands on certification program is presented by Sean Howard, the owner and inventor of Weathered Stone®. In these courses you will learn highly refiend design and installation techniques.

Our goal is to make sure you are successful! During each eight hour class you will learn Layout and Theory of Design, Hands on Techniques, and Cost Estimating. You will walk away from the class with the knowledge to engineer, install and estimate projects as well as the following tools to help you get started. .

Our commitment to your success does not stop there. We actively promote Weathered Stone® to many of the top professionals in the building industry and our Weathered Stone® web site is continually researched by Architects, Interior Designers, Home builders, and Contractors from around the world. As a CWSI these clients are looking for your services!

Here are a few things CWSI's are saying about Weathered Stone®

"Weathered Stone has greatly increased my client base" Gary Sanders - Sanders Wallcovering
Kansas City, KS


"This is the most amazing faux stone product I have ever worked with" Lillian Weise - Lillian's Interiors
Nashville, TN


"I love working with Weathered Stone it is so creative!" Gary Lucas
Waterville, OH


"I can't get over how versatile Weathered Stone is. It is the coolest faux stone product to work with" Tim Hampshire - Custom Finishes
Vorhees, NJ

Online Training

Can't wait for the next hands on traning?

Then this is where you can get started

  • 5"x7" Sample Set
  • Basic Designer Listing
  • Access to Wholesale Pricing

Hands On Training

The hands on training is a very detailed and complete training of Weathered Stone installation techniques

  • 8.5" x 11" Sample Box Set
  • Floor Stand Sample Set
  • Showroom Listing
  • Wholesale and Volume Pricing
  • Layout and Design Assistance
  • One time Free Showroom Installation
  • Model and Show home Pricing*
  • A Full Sample Box Set.
  • Full access to our extensive online library of installation and layout information.
  • Advertising cost discounts for showrooms and model homes.
  • High online visibility and leads generated for you.
  • Online promo code for your clients and commisions for online sales.
  • A personalized home page on the Weathered Stone site.

We understand that time is very important for any business. This is why we have developed the online training option for Certified Installers.

This course will allow you have access to all of the same benifits as the hands on course but with the convienince of working at your own pace.

Once you have completed the course and an online exam your listing status as a Certified Weathered Stone Installer will become active.