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Weathered Stone Exterior is Here

Faux Stone  Weathered Stone Exterior is Here

We are pleased to announce the introduction of Weathered Stone exterior grade! This is a complete reinventing of Weathered Stone and is the culmination of over 15 years of hard work, research, and development.

Weathered Stone exterior starts with a concrete base micro-topping, the same material that many decorative concrete and concrete stamping contractors use when applying resurfacing on site. We then add proprietary additives and a fiberglass mesh backing that allow the concrete to be bendable yet maintain structural integrity. The coloring process is a two part process. First we add integral color to the mixture which allows the color to permeate throughout the full depth of the product then a hand applied antiquing penetrating stain is added to bring out the beauty of the texture.

Installation of Weathered Stone exterior is quick and easy. Starting with a base that is similar to Stucco the installer applies the adhesive to the wall and simply sticks the thin panels to the wall. Once cured the installer will then apply grout to the seams and finally apply a clear sealer for added durability in high moisture climates.

We offer a 20 year color fade and delamination warranty for properly installed installations on vertical surfaces. The same Warranty applies for horizontal surfaces such as walkways and floors when additional sealers are applied every three to five years.

For a fraction of cost of real stone or any other stone replica product you can now affordably have the amazing look and feel of stone. Contact us directly for further information about how you can have this amazing, hand made, patent pending product for your home or commercial project.