U.S Patent and Trademark Office approve Weathered Stone as a Registered Trademark


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Press Worthy > U.S Patent and Trademark Office approve Weathered Stone as a Registered Trademark

Faux Stone  U.S Patent and Trademark Office approve Weathered Stone as a Registered Trademark

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Weathered StoneŽ-"The World's First Bendable Stone" gains international protection of its name by the U.S Patent and Trademark office.

Alexandria,VA - Fairhope, AL--- May 7, 2008 - Notification was received today by Sean Howard Productions, Inc from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office that the application for Weathered StoneŽ as a registered trademark was approved for publication in accordance with Section 12(a) of the Trademark Act of 1946 and will appear in the Official Gazette on the publication date of May 20, 2008.

"This recognition gives all involved with Weathered StoneŽ the confidence and credibility to move forward with international marketing" stated Sean Howard CEO and inventor of Weathered StoneŽ.

Now that Weathered StoneŽ has been approved for publication as a registered trademark, approval of patents for Weathered StoneŽ as "The World's First Bendable Faux Stone" are eminent and can be approved at any time.

Weathered StoneŽ the Company Sean Howard, CEO and inventor of Weathered Stone, began researching methods to create a retrofitting bendable stone in 1995. With experience in construction methods, commercial decorative painting, and coatings manufacturing Howard achieved his goal in 2004 and at that time applied for patents for the manufacturing and methods thereof for Weathered StoneŽ.

In March of 2008 the U.S Patent examiners office reviewed these patents and found that the concept of bendable stone have never been patented and required Howard to separate one of the original patents into two separate patents, one for the methods of manufacturing and the Second for the claims of being a bendable stone. This second patent was an amazing development for Weathered StoneŽ. Once approved it will allow for Weathered Stone to have a composition of virtually any raw material yet still have protection as "Bendable Stone" as allowed by International Patent Law.

"Weathered StoneŽ exhibits many advantages over natural stone or hand applied replicas", comments Howard, "Not only is it easier to install but it is also much more affordable." Other benefits of Weathered StoneŽ are easy of repair, it is extremely lightweight making it more affordable to ship, it uses naturally renewable resources for production making it a "Green" choice product, but the greatest aspect of Weathered StoneŽ is that once installed it looks and feels like real stone.

Weathered Stone has been featured in multiple news publications as well as many showcase and parade homes throughout the United States.