Weathered Stone reg; : Improves Stone and Leather Panels.


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Press Worthy > Weathered Stone reg; : Improves Stone and Leather Panels.

Faux Stone  Weathered Stone reg; : Improves Stone and Leather Panels.

Improved Stone and leather panels will create less waste


Fairhope, AL—June 18, 2007—Weathered Stone® improves stone and leather panels, creating less waste. The leather and stone panels will have cleaner edges. To accommodate for the cleaner edges, the stone and leather panels will come in new standard sizes. The product makeover will result in greater cost effective installations and less waste for the environment.  


The improved product panels are a significant step in making the product more user and environmentally friendly. The excess waste from cutting the panels down to the new sizes will conserve more product, and create more usable product. The excess waste created by the old standard sizes, was being sold as remnants on eBay® or thrown away. The new sizes will eliminate excess product being thrown away.

“The cleaner edges will be a symbiotic change that will benefit both the company and environment by having less waste, and will benefit the end consumer as well”, said Sean Howard, Weathered Stone® inventor and owner. The new and improved standard panels will be the following sizes: 24 inches by 32 inches, 32 inches by 32 inches, and 45 inches by 32 inches. The product price per square foot will remain the same and, the product price per panel will reduce slightly. Updates on the size changes can be found on company website. There will be a revised sales manual, training manual, quick stat sheet and price sheet available online.

Weathered Stone® the World’s First Bendable Stone is a patent pending, hand made stone and leather replica covering that is only 1/32nd of an inch thick. Weathered Stone™ can be adhered to practically all solid, interior spaces. Weathered Stone™ is produced on canvas. The texture is primarily plaster, but has 15 % additives for strength and durability. The product is then cut, cracked, and colored by hand. Weathered Stone® is manufactured in 24 standard colors, and custom colors are available.